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I believe that it is important for every individual to feel secure when seeking advice from their divorce attorney and not to be worried about whether your attorney truly has your best interests in mind. It is hard when I hear stories where attorneys selectively choose cases based on time, financial benefit, or other tangential reasons.

At Oberheiden Law, we do not turn you away regardless of your case’s complexity. Our divorce and family law attorneys are trained to handle all divorce issues including marital agreements, property division, child custody, high net worth divorces, and more. We will aggressively fight to secure your financial stability and future earnings and give you the most advantageous divorce arrangement.

That’s the best way to get your fresh start—and the only way that Oberheiden Law operates!

Dr. Nick Oberheiden

(Founding Attorney)

Types of Divorce and Family Law Topics

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Child Custody

Child custody agreements consists of a pre-defined schedule that describes when and for how long the other parent may see the child.


A divorce entails the division of a couple’s money, assets, and property, therefore requiring a law firm qualified to handle divorce proceedings and financial divisions.

Pre and Post Marital Agreements

Pre- and post-marital agreements are legally binding upon the parties regarding the division of their money and property unless unreasonable.

High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorces involve substantial sums of money, assets, and property that need to be divided, requiring an experienced attorney.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is carried out without the assistance of the court and involves both parties with their attorneys reaching a solution regarding the terms of their divorce.

Enforcement of Court Orders

A court will routinely enforce the terms of a divorce agreement where the parties are acting unruly or being otherwise unfair or unreasonable.

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